Month: February 2017

Expert Depos Co-Founder Will Be A Speaker at the Cal DRA Conference

Napa, CA

Expert Depos is proud to announce one of its co-founders, Caroline Song Lloyd, Esq., will be a speaker at the 21st Annual CA Deposition Reporters Association Conference held at the Silverado Resort and Spa in Napa, CA, on February 26th 2017 from 1-2pm.  Ms. Lloyd will give an educational seminar during which Cal-DRA members will earn .1 CEU credits. It is intended to educate court reporters on the significant revenue streams that could be gained through the sale of past deposition transcripts under CCP 2025.570.

This is an outline of the seminar:

“You are sitting on a gold mine and you don’t even know it!”
By Caroline Song Lloyd
For attorneys, there is no better evidence than a certified deposition transcript because it can be admitted into trial. A certified deposition transcript is the “smoking gun” of evidence that could alter the outcome of an entire trial. As we all know, only a court reporter may sell a certified deposition transcript.  Knowing the huge demand attorneys have for certified deposition transcripts, and knowing that only a court reporter can sell it to them, why isn’t the court reporting industry taking advantage of the significant revenue stream that could be gained from selling past deposition transcripts? Because attorneys do not know where to find the court reporter, that’s why. There is no way for an attorney to look up an expert/non-expert witness and find out which court reporter owns their prior deposition transcript. This gap between the attorney and the court reporter creates a problem for both sides wherein the attorney cannot locate the deposition needed to represent the client, and the court reporter loses out on the money to be made from the transcript sale.

During This Seminar You Will Learn:

*How to bridge the gap between you and the attorney in order to sell transcript copies.

*How CCP 2025.570 permits a court reporter to sell a certified deposition transcript to any person so    long as the rules for notice are followed.

*How Expert Depos will help you sell your certified deposition transcripts without uploading them to a deposition bank.

*How to compete with deposition list serves.