Month: November 2018

Elements of a Great Legal Tech Conference

Legal professionals flock to legal tech conference events every year, seeking ways to improve themselves and their careers. While conferences provide an unparalleled level of access to networking opportunities, education on upcoming advancements, and industry buzz; all legal tech conferences simply aren’t created equal. There are those which will always stand above the rest, and most of those standout conferences have a few things in common.

The best and most effective conferences will provide attendees with a variety of benefits, so it’s important for content planners and organizers to offer more than just a high-profile keynote speaker. Here are a few elements shared, at least to some degree, by many of the best legal tech conferences.

Inspiration and Innovation

Legal professionals are certainly looking for things they can put into practice right away, but they also want to know what they should be looking out for months or even years down the road. For this reason, legal tech conferences should feature a good balance between practical measures, which can inspire immediate improvement and the innovation of the near future. Attendees should leave with a clear vision of not only the ways they can apply what they’ve learned in the present but also an idea of developments coming down the pipeline they should keep an eye on as they advance.

Speaking of inspiration; keynote speakers are, well, key. It’s easy to shoot for a recognizable name, whether or not they’re actually legal tech insiders, but it’s not always best. Great legal tech conferences may have keynote speakers with minimal experience in the industry itself, but the message they deliver should always be relevant and inspiring. Speakers should always be the kind of people legal professionals want or need to hear from in order to grow and develop professionally, in one way or another.

Amenities and Accommodations at Legal Tech Conferences

Enormous convention halls offer space for plenty of programming and exhibitions, but they can also affect everything from the flow of the schedule to the attendees’ ability to network.

A tightly-packed programming schedule in a sprawling convention center means attendees are always rushing from one spot to the next, with little downtime to eat, network, or take a deep breath. Great conferences will offer enough programming to keep everyone busy, but not so tightly scheduled no one has time to discuss ideas and network. The best conferences also offer a bit more in the way of healthy meal options, access to quality-of-life conveniences, and space to work together.

What are some aspects of tech conferences you’ve loved in the past? Share your best conference experiences in the comments.