Month: February 2019

Top 10 Skills of the Best Court Reporters

What differentiates the top-paid, successful court reporters from other colleagues in their industry? Like any profession, there are those who excel at court reporting and possess the skills that make them more valuable. Honing these skills can help those new to the field obtain higher pay and prestigious positions. Here are the top 10 skills of the best court reporters to emulate for success in this specialized field.

  1. Focus. Court reporters must be able to stay focused and not be easily distracted. The key of court reporting is catching every word and meaning during proceedings, without ever losing focus.
  2. It is always important to be on-time as a professional and court reporters are no exception. The best court reporters plan to be at their designated court at least 20 minutes before they are scheduled to begin, to ensure they do not delay the court proceedings.
  3. Professional appearance. Top court reporters dress appropriately and professionally to blend within their court setting.
  4. Attention to detail. Court reporting is all about details. Meticulous attention to detail is a skill the best court reporters possess.
  5. Grammar specialist. Grammar is an essential skill for court reporters. Adding in the correct punctuation and using the correct version of words can impact the meaning of the deposition.
  6. Business etiquette. Working with members of the court requires business etiquette and manners befitting the environment.
  7. Impartial and stoic. Excellent court reporters can remain stoic and impartial while recording any type of discourse, regardless of the topic. Personal opinions and reactions are never revealed by the best court reporters.
  8. Confidence. Successful court reporters are confident and poised when working in front of others; speaking up to clarify information when needed.
  9. Research and prepare. Court reporters at the top of their field do the necessary research and preparation before their assignment; knowing the court, judges, and background for the case.
  10. Accuracy. Not only the grammar, spelling, and punctuation need accuracy; all dates, numbers, and corresponding information must be accurate in transcripts.

Embracing these skills can help you achieve success as a court reporter and gain the experience needed to excel and become one of the best in your field. With experience can come greater earning potential. Find out how you can earn extra income by selling copies of your transcribed documents. Take the court reporter tour on the Expert Depos website.

Meta: Do you wonder if you have the skills necessary to become a successful court reporter? Review the top 10 skills the best court reporters possess to excel in this specialized career.