Month: May 2019

Effective Ways a Court Reporter Can Assist in a Case

Winning court cases often comes down to the details. Having an accurate, detailed account of every court appearance, witness testimony, and deposition can make a substantial difference in preparing a winning argument. Court reporters offer the specialized service of detailed transcripts of legal proceedings, which can assist attorneys in preparing the best case.

While it was once common for courts to provide a court reporter, this is no longer the case. If an attorney wants the benefit of a detailed transcript of legal proceedings, they need to obtain the services of a qualified court reporter. Hiring a court reporter is a worthwhile investment that can ensure legal teams have the unbiased recording of word-for-word discourse that can impact their case.

Top Benefits of Using a Court Reporter During a Case

Memory and even audio recordings are unreliable. It is vital to legal proceedings to have an accurate account of every word that is said. Court reporters specialize in creating realtime transcripts of depositions and court proceedings that create a lasting record for use by attorneys; both during a trial and for future legal actions. Some of the top benefits of hiring a court reporter to record all proceedings pertaining to a case include:

  • Accurate recording of testimony for counseling witnesses and checking for discrepancies in accounts from one day to the next
  • Recorded account of court proceedings for future legal actions or appeals
  • Record of depositions, even those not admissible in court, for planning trial strategies
  • Realtime recordings to assist the hearing impaired or to translate for language
  • Less expensive and more accurate than relying on audio recordings that will also need to be transcribed after the proceedings

Having access to the transcripts in both realtime and in legal preparation for a case can be invaluable. Attorneys on both sides of a case can benefit from the professionalism and accuracy of an unbiased court reporter to record the details of all legal proceedings.

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