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3 Innovative Tech Companies Disrupting the Law Industry

In our last few articles, we concentrated on where the law can’t keep up with tech and how the average person becomes vulnerable. But, after drinking our fill of eggnog, eating a little more than we normally would, and having fun with friends and family over the holidays, we decided to start the New Year […]

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Posted by ExpertDepos  January 12, 2018  6:29 pm

The Data Leaks You Aren’t Thinking About…But Probably Should Be

By: Jennifer de la Chevotiere On the Expert Depos blog, we’ve discussed several legal topics surrounding compromised online privacy. At this point in the game, most people know that they need to take steps to protect their personal and financial data when they enter it online. Whether it’s changing your passwords often or doing your […]

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Posted by ExpertDepos  November 30, 2017  6:39 pm

The FTC V. Shady Online Marketing

By: Jennifer de la Chevotiere How many ads do you think you’ve seen today? If you follow any popular Instagram or Twitter accounts, or sat back to watch a YouTube video at any point, the answer could be a LOT higher than you think. Social media has revolutionized the way brands can reach their target […]

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Posted by ExpertDepos  November 3, 2017  6:34 pm

Equifax and the House of Cards

By: Jennifer de la Chevotiere In our last tech article, we talked about how advancements in tech are markedly outpacing law and that this is leading to many businesses adopting new tech and applying it with a feeling of impunity. And unfortunately, this hubris is leading many companies to make decisions that benefit financial gain […]

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Posted by ExpertDepos  October 12, 2017  4:26 pm

Caroline Song Joins Editorial Board of LA Lawyer Magazine

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: CAROLINE LLOYD SONG (562) 386-1654 CAROLINE@EXPERTDEPOS.COM HTTPS://WWW.EXPERTDEPOS.COM Caroline Song Joins Editorial Board of LA Lawyer Magazine LOS ANGELES – Caroline Song, General Counsel/Partner at Expert Depos, has been appointed to the editorial board of Los Angeles Lawyer magazine, a publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA). “I […]

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Posted by ExpertDepos  September 22, 2017  8:25 pm
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