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Court Records and Proceedings: What is Public and Why?

Attorneys, journalists, professors, and other professionals will often cite court records and proceedings in their line of work. Most court records are deemed public record, allowing almost anyone to access the information by request. Transcripts of depositions and court testimony can often be obtained through the court system or by purchasing copies owned by court […]

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Posted by ExpertDepos  January 7, 2019  4:04 pm

Tips for Newly Licensed Court Reporters

Entering the specialized service of court reporting can be exciting and nerve-racking. Even with extensive training and preparation, there will be situations that may be confusing for newly licensed court reporters. It can help to know some of the common issues other court reporters have encountered and overcome. Here are some tips that can make […]

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Posted by ExpertDepos  December 18, 2018  6:42 pm

Elements of a Great Legal Tech Conference

Legal tech conferences offer legal professionals the opportunity to network, explore new innovations, and develop. Learn more about the common elements shared by the best conferences.

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Posted by ExpertDepos  November 20, 2018  9:59 pm

Trends that are Currently Shaping the Legal Industry

See how innovation in the tech sector is changing the face of the legal industry, and
which trends are currently providing new answers to old problems as firms embrace new technology.

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Posted by ExpertDepos  October 26, 2018  6:40 pm

How to Pick the Right Court Reporter Training Program

Whether you’re exploring your career options for the first time or looking for a change, court reporting is a stable, fulfilling career with earning potential in the 6-figure range. But the first step to beginning this incredible career is learning the skills needed to become proficient in the industry. These include a strong command of […]

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Posted by ExpertDepos  October 18, 2018  6:29 pm
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