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What the Music Industry Can Teach us About the Future of Court Reporting

The music industry is dead. Right? Technology has killed it! Some artists work incredibly hard learning to play instruments and perfecting their craft, but most of the time, the people getting the most attention have a MacBook and synthesized sounds. Or they coat everything in autotune to get by. Not that it really matters. Not […]

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Posted by ExpertDepos  July 27, 2018  5:57 pm

The Court Reporter Pay Scale: What Affects Earning Potential?

Court reporting is a stable profession that allows qualified members to earn a good wage. But with so many variables influencing the pay scale, it can be difficult for court reporters to determine if they’re being paid what they’re worth. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, in 2012, the median salary for a court […]

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Posted by ExpertDepos  July 2, 2018  9:03 pm

Building Your Career in Court Reporting: What are the Options?

Most people entering the workforce today are preparing for an uphill battle. Between growing student debt and wages that have fallen 43% from the previous generation, many young people are giving up hope But demand for court reporters remains high, with a starting salary to match. Some cynics predict advancing technology will topple the industry. […]

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Posted by ExpertDepos  May 30, 2018  9:35 pm

The Millennial Court Reporter: 10 Ways to Stand Out in the Industry

By: Jennifer de la Chevotiere Whether you’re actually a Millennial entering the field for the first time, or a member of another generation making a career change, you’ve made a great professional choice. Despite some misconceptions about being edged out by technology, court reporting is actually a growing field with a lot of job security. […]

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Posted by ExpertDepos  May 4, 2018  8:43 pm

What Does The Court Reporter Shortage Mean for Litigation in 2018?

In 2014, Ducker Worldwide released a report predicting an estimated 5,500 unfilled court reporter positions across the USA by 2018. This prediction was based on decreased enrollment and graduation for new court reporters, combined with climbing retirement rates. The average age of a court reporter is in their fifties, a good decade older than the […]

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Posted by ExpertDepos  April 19, 2018  6:04 pm
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