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The Evolving Role of eDiscovery

eDiscovery is here to stay. Keeping up on trends and practices is key as electronic information storage systems are constantly expanding and changing.

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Posted by ExpertDepos  April 2, 2018  6:25 pm

Advancements in Technology: Still No Match for Human Court Reporters

Advancements in Technology: Still No Match for Human Court Reporters It’s no secret that the debate surrounding whether or not court reporters will eventually be replaced by technology has been ongoing for years now. The advancement of newer technology such as high tech digital recording equipment, artificial intelligence, and voice recognition has contributed to the […]

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Posted by ExpertDepos  March 23, 2018  5:10 am

Preparing Your Expert Witness

Written by: Jennifer de la Chevotiere & the Expert Depos Legal Team Last month, we talked about why getting access to depositions is so important. If you missed it, you can catch up here. This month, we’re back on the topic, discussing the concrete tactics you can use to ensure your expert witness is well […]

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Posted by ExpertDepos  March 12, 2018  3:34 pm

The Basics: Why Depositions are so Important

We believe in the power of depositions; that’s why we’ve built a business around helping attorneys legally obtain the depositions they need to win the case. Today, we thought it might be helpful to give both novices and experts a short refresher on why depositions can breathe life into a case and why these powerful […]

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Posted by ExpertDepos  February 9, 2018  8:11 pm

3 Innovative Tech Companies Disrupting the Law Industry

In our last few articles, we concentrated on where the law can’t keep up with tech and how the average person becomes vulnerable. But, after drinking our fill of eggnog, eating a little more than we normally would, and having fun with friends and family over the holidays, we decided to start the New Year […]

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Posted by ExpertDepos  January 12, 2018  6:29 pm
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