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So-Cal Based Company, EXPERT DEPOS, Launches Online Deposition Directory

So Cal-Based Company Launches Online Deposition Directory

 Long Beach, CA – Capitalizing on its recent innovation to streamline the litigation processes, Expert Depos, a premier proprietor and distributor of subscription-based intellectual property, today announced the launch of its flagship product. The company’s website will host a directory to source court reporter contact information in order to seamlessly direct attorneys and their associates within the legal industry to certified deposition transcripts.

“We’ve uncovered a need that has been underserved for decades,” said Caroline Song Lloyd, Esq., Expert Depos Co-Founder. “It’s hard to imagine that a process for obtaining certified depositions direct from the court reporter has yet to be streamlined, but we are proud to be the pioneer of such an offering.”

Founded in 2014 by a trio of practicing attorneys, the genesis of Expert Depos is the need of legal professionals to swiftly and accurately discover the origin of depositions that have been executed throughout California. The key differentiator, according to Song Lloyd, is the fact that no other website carries the database resources that indicates which court reporter owns what deposition.

“It’s true, we are the exclusive online directory source for obtaining certified depositions. And, of course, since only a court reporter can sell a certified deposition transcript, and, since only said transcripts may be admitted into trial, we are confident our database will be advantageous and productive,” Song Lloyd said.

The company’s value proposition includes a management team of seasoned attorneys that discovered a gap in the litigation process. The goal was to develop a solution that couples efficiency, convenience, and certified value.

“Industry professionals are constantly on the lookout for competitive advantages, especially a reduction of time spent for research and acquisition of admissible evidence. Realizing this demand, we’ve simply extrapolated the supply,” Song Lloyd concluded.

About Expert Depos –

 Expert Depos is the pioneering, quintessential litigation tools subscription-based website, providing a proprietary database of court reporter contacts that source certified depositions originated in California. The company, founded by practicing attorneys, is built on the principle of integrity, which is why it provides and promotes transparency throughout its supply chain. Expert Depos’ value proposition includes seamless, secure, and accurate deposition acquisition; unmatched pricing; and extraordinary customer service.

Expert Depos Is Not A Transcript Repository- Expert Depos is fully compliant with all statutes and court reporting regulations. Expert Depos is compliant because Expert Depos is NOT a transcript repository.  Expert Depos only offers the contact information of the court reporting firm.  The lawyer tracks down the court reporting firm from which they want to order a transcript, and orders it directly from the reporting firm. Expert Depos does not have access to any of the actual transcripts, does not take any share of the copy order sale, and therefore is not a transcript repository in any way.  Expert Depos is only a directory of court reporter contacts.

Selling Non-Party Copy Transcripts in CA is compliant with CA Code of Civil Procedure Section 2025.570. Under this statute, any person may purchase a certified transcript from the transcriber so long as the transcriber sends notice to everyone present at the deposition, and no person receiving notice has filed a restraining order against the sale within 30 days of receiving notice.    Thus, so long as the court reporter follows the usual rules of notice, there is no confidentiality issue triggered whatsoever.  In short, this is the same exact thing as a copy transcript sale.

We lay this all out on our website. Here is the link, including two more links that may be helpful:

No Confidentiality Issues-  If the certified deposition transcript is sealed as confidential by the judge, then of course the court reporter would not sell the transcript.  But, again, this is the same thing as a transcript copy sale.  Expert Depos only introduces the lawyer to the court reporter so the lawyer could buy the deposition directly from the reporter.  Expert Depos is not involved whatsoever in the actual transcript sale. Thus, our company does not trigger any confidentiality issues.

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Posted by ExpertDepos  January 6, 2017  12:11 am