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The Evolving Role of eDiscovery

As technology changes and increases, so does its role in our daily lives. It has become part and parcel of all that we do, so it is no surprise that for years it has played an important role in the discovery phase of litigation. Electronic discovery or eDiscovery is part of the relevant information, along with other records and evidence, which builds or breaks a case.

The Importance of Staying Current

Considering the vital role eDiscovery plays in litigation, this is one time when it really does pay to keep up with and maybe even surpass the Joneses. Remember Myspace? It was a long time ago and it was the hottest thing in social media. Then Facebook came along and now hardly anyone remembers Myspace. Knowing the current platforms available and how to access them is crucial for using eDiscovery as part of a case.

It’s not only important to know the different forms of electronic communication and information storage. It is equally important to stay on top of laws governing the access to these valuable pieces of information. As with everything in gathering information and evidence during the discovery phase, eDiscovery needs to be managed correctly in order to preserve the integrity of the information.

The Importance of Relevancy

Sifting through all the information contained in electronically stored information for eDiscovery is a major undertaking. Considering the average responsive rate for reviews is 20% at best, and time does equal money, it is important to find relevant material in the shortest amount of time. Being acquainted with the various platforms and cultivating the ability to implement effective and efficient searches is key in making eDiscovery work optimally.

Additionally, the field of how to adequately glean electronic information in a timely manner is constantly changing. This is yet another area to monitor closely in order to make the job most efficient. As eDiscovery practices continue to grow and change, the savvy litigator will be sure to see that all those responsible for gathering information for eDiscovery are up to date on the various aspects of the practice.

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Posted by ExpertDepos  April 2, 2018  6:25 pm