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What is Expert Depos

What is Expert Depos?

Expert Depos, launched in 2014, is a pioneering online directory and web service that connects attorneys in search of certified deposition transcripts with the court reporters who own them.

The Attorneys

To use Expert Depos, just search our network for any witness, and buy a certified deposition transcript directly from the court reporting firm. Our network is growing every day, so check back frequently to see new witness names.

The Court Reporters

Due to CCP 2025.570, court reporters can legally sell their depositions as certified copies. There is no cost for reporters to join the database and we do not take any commission from the sale of your depos. We simply connect you to the attorneys and provide the connection for you to evergreen your business.

The Law

The Expert Depos network operates under CCP § 2025.570, which permits California court reporters to sell deposition transcripts to non-parties so long as the notice and waiver rules are observed. Under CCP § 2025.570, court reporters and reporting firms in California may sell deposition transcripts to any person (including non-parties) who requests a copy so long as the reporter complies with the notice requirements outlined under the statute.

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Posted by ExpertDepos  March 11, 2020  8:52 pm